orangesquid (os) wrote,

neat screen trick!

another neat trick for gnu screen:

screen -x (instead of screen -dr) will attach to an existing screen session without detaching other terminals.
You can see all the terminals attached by pressing ^A-*.
Use screem like normal.

Now, here's a problem: what if you have an 80x60 xterm, and a 80x24 console? The viewing areas may get messed up! Screen offers a simple answer: press ^A-F to make the current window fit in the viewinf area of the current window. If you type ^A-F in the console, the xterm will show 24 lines, a line of dashes, and then 35 blank lines. (You might also be able to play with splitting the viewport into two windows, I dunno... haven't tried it yet.) If you type that in the xterm, funny things will happen in the console; you'll probably only see the bottom 24 lines of the xterm's 60.

So, you just need to remember:

  • screen -x to connect
  • ^A-F to fit the window
  • ^A-* to see all connected terminals
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